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With payroll processes now becoming more complicated particularly with the additional obligations being introduced as a result of workplace pensions, your administrative time no doubt is being stretched even further. If you are looking to outsource your monthly payroll along with your accountancy requirements then do talk to us.

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Are you ready for Auto-Enrolment?

Auto-Enrolment is now catching up with the remaining small and micro businesses that employ even just one part time person. Yes, that even includes the nanny or gardener too. There is formal compliance work that must be completed even if that one employee works just a handful of hours each week. We fully understand that you are unlikely to have found the time to research what your requirements as an employer are, but we must strongly advise that you do this to establish for certain what is involved for you. Only then can you make realistic decisions about how to proceed with this complex legislation.

We have invested many hours in getting to grips with this legislation and have now successfully supported our larger clients through the process with a minimal amount of their involvement. So, if you would like to take advantage of our initial auto-enrolment meeting to find out what this legislation means for you, call our auto-enrolment direct-line on 01892 601100 to arrange a free initial meeting.

Useful Auto-Enrolment links

Which pension provider is right for you?

There are many pension providers looking for your business for workplace pensions. They are not all the same and their charges can vary considerably. The links below are to a few of the providers specifically looking to help smaller businesses with their Auto-Enrolment obligations. Consider talking with us before signing up to ensure you understand your full administrative obligations. These can vary between pension providers and without careful advice you may find yourself with more additional administrative work than you first thought.


For more information on payroll or your auto-enrolment obligations please call us direct.

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