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Welcome to MBS Accounting!

A forward thinking accountancy practice based in Crowborough who are committed to provide the very best service that is suited to our clients’ individual requirements.

We are a small independent family practice that has been providing accountancy, tax and business advice to individuals and local businesses since 2002. Headed up by a qualified accountant, the MBS Accounting team have a wealth of business and financial experience available for the benefit of our clients.

We provide a range of services designed to cover all compliance work as well as additional services which are constantly updated as legislation changes. Check out our current services and please talk with us if you have any specific requirements.

From now through until 2018 we will see all remaining small business employers setting up a workplace pension scheme for their employees. Many are successfully implementing the changes required for this new legislation but too many are still putting off the additional workload required until the last possible moment, running the risk of penalties from The Pension Regulator. If you are looking for help with your auto-enrolment requirements, let us unravel the ‘jargon’ and explain in plain English what this new legislation will actually mean for you.

Call our Auto-Enrolment direct line: 01892 601100 to arrange a free no obligation fact finding meeting.

HMRC on-line digital accounts – advance warning!

HMRC have announced that in the future they want all businesses to present their accounts on-line and maybe even quarterly! This will mean that recording your day to day bookkeeping manually or using basic spreadsheets may become a thing of the past. If you want to take the leap and manage your books electronically yourself, don’t be persuaded to part with your hard earned money for software that will not suit the size of your business. Talk to us first and allow us to present the options available and direct you to the most appropriate software that is suitable for your needs.

We’re here to help!

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